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Who I am: I’m an Anglo-Burmese artist from Japan currently living in Leeds, England. I graduated from Leeds Arts University with a BA in Illustration. Fluent in English and Japanese, I’m passionate about drawing people and animals digitally in a mix of realist and manga-like styles. I have great curiosity about people’s identities. This comes from growing up as a “Third Culture Kid” in Japan where I was constantly thinking about what makes me, myself, and what makes other people them, themselves – and how people project their identities and relate to others.

What I’m good at: I am good at creating realistic and stylistic portraits of people and animals. While I mainly draw close ups, I also produce full-body portraits in a dynamic format. I enjoy making book covers, film posters, and advertisements for exhibitions. The main media I use to create these digital illustrations is Procreate on an iPad.

Some themes in my work: fan art (book covers, films), animal portraits, mental health awareness posters, dynamic full portraits, human portraits for café art & other public spaces, eye-catching exhibition posters, and more …

What I can provide: I produce art that is dynamic and bold. While the style stays consistent, I challenge myself to add original features to each illustration so the images stay fresh to look at. I can adapt to different formats and requirements for illustrations without losing my own style. When it comes to speed of work, I’m quick and careful, as well as attentive to nurturing quality and originality in each composition.

Art workshops: I do art workshops for children and young people. It’s exciting to use art to help participants engage creatively with issues in their lives. After leading some workshops for KidZania Japan in Osaka in August 2023. I’d love to collaborate with you on developing this line of work, so please contact me if you are interested.

I hope you will enjoy viewing this website … and I would always be happy to receive any feedback or comments from you! Thank you!

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