Hi my name is M.M! I was born and raised in Japan and am recently graduated from LAU in BA(Hons) Illustration with a Bachelor's Degree. I use both traditional and digital media for illustration, with traditional media as the base for my more recent digital work.


My style is derived from reading Japanese manga, watching Studio Ghibli films, and visiting shrines in Japan to learn about Japanese mythology. I like doing portraits of people and animals as I have great curiosity about people’s identities. This comes from growing up as a “Third Culture Kid” in Japan (my Mum is from Burma, my Dad from the UK) where I was constantly thinking about what makes me, myself, and what makes other people them, themselves.
At present I am into character designs from Japanese animations. My style changes whenever I do different projects. This stops me from being repetitive and helps me expand my visual techniques. Yet within a single project I try to be as consistent as I can with my methodology. That lets me produce a flow in a series of works in a brief and create a natural narrative for the audience.


I also like to set myself certain frames when I am making the composition. I got interested in doing this through working on book covers and film posters. Purposively placing limitations in the process of making the visual work takes me out of my comfort zone. I can then test out techniques that I have never tried before. Even though it is challenging to make a composition that has set limitations, I find my creativity grows.

Anyway, enjoy viewing the website! And … I would always be happy to receive comments from you! Thank you!